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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide families with compassionate and comprehensive care to promote wellness and build strong communities.

Our vision is that families are safe, healthy, happy, and thriving in their communities.

We are individually and collectively responsible for upholding the following values:

Accountability: We demonstrate accountability when we acknowledge and accept personal and corporate responsibility for actions, decisions, policies, values, etc.  It is expected that we will adhere to high standards.

Transparency: We demonstrate a commitment to transparency when we do all we can to maintain a high level of visibility, clarity, accountability, openness and communication.

Integrity: We demonstrate a commitment to act with integrity when we follow through with commitments by “walking our talk” and following a “deep” code and commitment to honesty, respect, and doing the right thing.

Excellence: We demonstrate excellence when we work to achieve a high level of professionalism in our actions and behaviors. We achieve excellence when we use knowledge, skills, understanding and practical ability to deliver superb services to the individuals and families we serve.

Leadership: We demonstrate leadership by striving to lead by example, guide, and provide clear/concise decision-making/directives, have confidence, have clear vision, and know our roles and expectations.

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